WHEN THINGS GO WRONG – AND THEY WILL, WHAT TO DO?! “My friends scorn me, but I pour out my tears to God.” Suggested Reading Job 15-17 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Job+15-17&version=NLT It’s inevitable. Something will go wrong. Plans go awry. Expectations too high or disappointments overwhelm. Well, God how could this happen to me??? That fellow Job – […]

February – the month of LOVE!

How many of us look forward to the candlelight romantic dinners, or giving or receiving the roses, cards, chocolates? Ohhhh, the CHOCOLATE!!! I confess, I may be a choco-holic! But seriously, we know that February has long been celebrated as a month of love and romance, and St. Valentine’s Day, as we know it today, […]

New Year Reflections

We can all relate — As little children at Christmas time our thoughts would always be centered on ourselves: what would we get, how much would we get, would we get more than _______? As we got older, we would hear much talk about New Year’s resolutions, New Year’s goals to be set. As we […]

Victory is Ours

I believe every  born again Christian struggles with the thought of having to face all kinds of battles daily; from the little “naggings” in relationships to that major besetting sin – it is like constant torment. Recently, the Lord awakened me to the fact that victory IS given to us  – but we must have […]

Nugget – God’s Not after Performance …

God’s not after (seeking) performance, He’s after intimacy. Intimacy comes into our most in most parts… “In-to-me-see”; it means God “knowing” me in my innermost parts, like a husband intimately “knows” his wife. It comes into my thoughts, my desires, and then eventually my actions. Oh to be known by God!! And then I too will […]

Nugget – Love is Patient

LOVE ONE ANOTHER Those of us who are “on a roll” – walking in victory after victory – tend to be hard on those who are going through period(s) of failure. It’s easy to forget that our Lord Jesus has set us the example to follow. I am reminded of the following event that our […]


Oh, hello … Happy New Year! Who can believe it’s 2015 already? But yes – it is! Without fail, every January it takes me a couple weeks of writing the year on forms, correspondence, etc. for my brain to accept it as routine – such a creature of habit am I – and so are […]

Nugget – Submission depends on Trust

My Level of ‘Trust’ Sets My Level of Submission Usually, Christians are commanded to “turn the other cheek”, but in especially this one issue, “faith”, Christians are commanded to Fight!! .. 1 Tim 6:12 “Fight the good fight of faith“. God places great premium on faith; like love, an entire chapter is given to highlight […]

Our New York 2014 Tour is over!

New Creation Generation International was very well received during our 5-day whirlwind Ministry Tour in New York during July 2014.  We had a busy schedule for rehearsals and a blistering schedule for performances. We are grateful to God for granting us the strength to make it through this period.  Of course, we all had much […]

Ministry Report 2014

  Schedule for New York, July 2014 Ministry Report – NCGI US East Coast-MidWest Team on East Coast, March 27-April 8, 2013 Summary: Janet, Kimberley & Alexis Plummer travelled to New York from Michigan to join Cheryl & Holmes Lindsay for ministry on the US East Coast.  This was a whirlwind 12-day ministry journey, during […]