Next Gen

ncgi next genners

All offspring of first generation NCGI members are eligible for inclusion in the NCGI Next Gen Corps.  So far, members of Next Gen who have participated in performance & ministry with NCGI include Alexis, Joel, Kimberly, Stacy Ann, Antoinette, Jason, David & Krystal.
Next Gen representatives participated with the Group’s ministry in the Republic of Panama (Jonathan, Jason, Jovanna, Joel, Danielle, Joanna) in June 2011; Ohio, USA, (Alexis) in October 2011; North Carolina, USA, (Alexis, Kimberly, Stacy Ann, Antoinette); and Jamaica (Alexis, Stacy Ann, Antoinette, Jonathan, Jason, Joel, David, Krystal, Maylin, Danielle, Joanna) in July 2012.