NCGI in Jamaica

Ministry in Jamaica 2012   After being in hiatus for many years, and through a series of God ordained circumstances, New Creation made a glorious return to the Jamaican Gospel scene as New Creation Generation International (NCGI).  New Creation members, along with their offspring (fondly referred to as “Next Genners”) converged from various corners of the […]

NCGI in Panama

Ministry in Panama It was an extraordinary week. New Creation, the International gospel group with Jamaican roots that started thirty years ago, came together for a set of reunion performances in Panama during the week ending June 19, 2011. The group which has won the Jamaican Honeycomb Award and was nominated for the Jamaican JAMI Awards, […]

Nugget – Victory walk

“The Victorious Walk” Those of us who desire to be “good” people in this life – primarily for the purpose of pleasing God our Maker, struggle immensely against the contrary and adversarial pressures of this world, our flesh (natural man) and the evil one. We cry out to our Deliverer on innumerable occasions, to make […]

Nugget – Pearl of great price

“The (not a) Pearl of Great Price” How inuch do you desire the good things of this life: a beautiful healthy body and mind, intelligence, wisdom, wealth, a wonderful family, a good career, good friends, etc? Well, the Lord God says Ps 84:11 (KJV) “…no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.” […]

Nugget – The Process

“The Process” While going through an illness recently, I did the usual Christian (and human) response, namely: pray for healing; seek medical attention; take medication; pray some more; get frustrated; argue with God; etc. This time though, I was confronted with the question (and the need to write it for here): What was God doing […]

Nugget – the Sanctifier

Following “The LORD, the SANCTIFIER” – AND – knowing that “OUR BODIES ARE HIS TEMPLE”, 1 Cor. 6:19), ponder these “THOUGHTS ON THE TABERNACLE (TEMPLE)” ‘…Bring Me an offering…’ Exodus 25:2 When it came time to build the Old Testament tabernacle, God said to Moses, ‘Do all things according to the pattern which I showed you’ (Exodus 25:40).   […]

Nugget – Faith in Failure

“Faith in Failure” There is faith in failure.  In 2 Samuel 12:1-7, David was confronted and rebuked by Nathan the prophet because he had caused the death of  Uriah in order to get his wife, even though The Lord had blessed him tremendously and he could have had all the single women he wanted.  David […]

Look for NCGI in the US Mid-West in 2013!

Be on the look-out… an NCGI ministry team may be in your area of the US Mid-West in 2013!!

Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE!!

Hello Friends. New Creation is experiencing a re-birth and this is our new website where you will be able to find all the news about the organisation and our activities.